Kubernetes in 60 seconds

These are the notes for a little demo I gave to some collegues about Kubernetes:

Getting Started with minikube/kubernetes

Start minikube

  • minikube start
  • minikube status
  • minikube dashboard

Kubectl overview

  • kubectl get nodes
  • kubectl get pods

Create first deployment

  • kubectl run kubernetes-bootcamp –image=docker.io/jocatalin/kubernetes-bootcamp:v1 –port=8080
  • kubectl get pods
  • kubectl get deployments

Scale up deployment

  • kubectl scale deployments/kubernetes-bootcamp –replicas=10
  • kubectl scale deployments/kubernetes-bootcamp –replicas=4

Expose to the outside world

  • kubectl expose deployment kubernetes-bootcamp –type=LoadBalancer
  • kubectl get services

Tear it all down

  • minikube destroy