The 101Hero: Cheap 3D Printer


After about half a year of waiting, thinking I was getting scammed and a missed mail in my spam folder I finally got a nice package in the mail: my 101Hero 3D Printer!

101 Hero Package

Getting it up

The printer comes semi-assembled. After putting it together, I noticed the wires were on the wrong side, so I had to take it apart again and start fresh:

Failed assemble attempt

That's all for right now. Stay tuned for updates! I'm gonna document every step of the way!

Update 1: Assembled but not working

So I found some free time and finally put the printer together like it's supposed to. Then I plugged it in, but nothing happened… Turns out the supplied AC adapter is not working. So I tried it with a different one I had lying around, but that one doesn't provide enough current to sufficiently power it: the motors are spinning, and a tiny fan is spinning, but other than that nothing is happening. Ordered a new AC adapter from Aliexpress, so now we have to wait until it arrives before we can continue our journey…

101 Hero assembled 101 Hero assembled 101 Hero in storage

Update 2: AC adapter arrived!

My AC adapter arrived, so I could finally start printing! Loaded the 101hero test test file, and it printed just fine. First print was garbish, since the filament had to come down a bit, but the second print came out alright. So next up I started looking for resources to configure Cura so I could print stuff from thingiverse. After some searching I found the following article which enabled me to print:,180.0.html

First print came out looking like this (it's supposed to be a tiny cat figure):

Tiny cat

It stuck to the printbed, the layers are stacked nicely on top of each other. So I tried out something bigger:

Big cat

In the meanwhile I've gathered a few interesting links which might prove useful in my attempts to get this thing up and running: