The Last Of Us

It's been a little over five minutes since the credits of ‘The Last of Us Remastered’ rolled over my screen. It's my second time completing this game, last time was about three years ago (thank you Kenny, for loaning me a copy). With The Last Of Us Part 2 coming out last Friday, I figured it's a great time to revisit the first part of this masterpiece/classic (at least according to the internet) before picking up my copy of Part 2.

First impression: wow. For a game that came out on the PS3 and has been remastered for the PS4 in 2014: this game looks absolutely stunning. I've played all of the Uncharted remasters as well, but they did not look as good as this game.

Second impression: wow. The story, the narrative, the world building, the voice acting for Joel and Ellie. All great!

And then it starts to hit you. After about 10 hours in the game, the small annoyances are starting to become more and more annoying. Gunplay is so bad in this game, it forces you to play stealthy, but the AI is so random at certain points that it's impossible to predict enemies. Hand to hand combat is brutal, the finishing moves are a little too graphic and the people in this post apocalyptic world are so evil and gruesome that every hour I had to put the controller down and watch some cute cat videos on Youtube to cool off and reassure my faith in humanity.

In these trying Covid-19 times, a game that deals with the worst parts of humanity during an epidemic calls a little too close to home. Ellie's humor and witty remarks try to make up for this. As well as the beautiful vistas from time to time (remember the giraffes?)

Which brings us to Part 2. There's some mixed reviews out there about Part 2: the graphics are stunning, gameplay can be a bit boring, the world is too grim, character building could've been better, it's a masterpiece, it's a mediocre game…

This kinda reminds me of how I feel about Part 1: beautiful, a masterpiece, yet not perfect. I think it's time I go pick it up and see what the fuzz is all about. Well done Sony marketing, well done!