PS5: Day 50 Review

Fri, Jan 22, 2021 4-minute read

Again: yes, I'm one of the lucky few who already has a PS5. No, I'm not going to sell it to you. Yes you're welcome to join me to test it out! So anyway, here it goes, day 50 review of the system. What's left after the initial hypetrain has slowed down?

The Tower of Mordor

Yea, the design, it does not grow on you… I've done some cleaning and put the PS5 behind my TV so I don't have to constantly look at the giant thing. But the big advantage of being that big: it stays cool and quiet. Even after 10+ hour marathons of playing games. The thing does not feel hot to the touch, just slightly above room temperature. And it stays quiet, just the silent hum of the fans, barely noticable. So while not pretty, very functional.

The DualSense controller

I don't have a lot of PS5 games yet. And the implementation of the unique features differs between games. For instance: AC Valhalla didn't have any special support for the adaptive triggers until the previous patch, in which they added that adaptive trigger thingie to drawing a bow. Watchdogs Legion does a pretty nice job of using the adaptive triggers, just as Hitman 3 does: feedback when pulling the trigger of a gun, and some recoil when you fire a bullet, which is especially nice when you fire full automatic weapons. And while very realistic, it takes a while to get used to having to use so much force to pull the trigger, and it gets tiring for your trigger finger after a few hours of gaming. So maybe I'll be turning this off for some trigger heavy games (such as CoD) in the future

The HD rumble feature is nice, but you don't really notice it that often, it's more subtle than the triggers…

PS5 Games

As stated before, I don't have a lot of PS5 games. The ones that I have, are all available on PS4 as well. But they look so much better on the PS5 than they do on the PS4, but that's not the thing that I like most about this. No, that would be the loading times. Take Hitman 3 for instance. While a level can take about 1 minute 30 seconds to load on my base PS4, it only takes 5-6 seconds on the PS5. And this while it's loading in the 4K textures instead of the 1080p textures etc. So that NVME disk is really pulling its weight here.

Also: raytracing! Only games I have that support it right now are Watchdogs: Legion and Hitman 3 (see screenshots attached), but boy does it look smooth and slick!

PS4 Games

This is where I spent most of my time with the PS5 at: replaying the best of the best that I had on the PS4: The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Hitman 2, Jedi Fallen Order (which just last week got a nice next-gen patch that cranks up the resolution and framerate). I played all of the above on my base PS4, so now whenever I reload into these games my jaw drops to the floor over the stunning visuals.

There's not a lot of PS5 games out there yet, but that's OK, I can fill at least the rest of this year with replaying all the epic stuff that I have for PS4 that deserves to be replayed in 4K.

Remote play and streaming

This is actually one of the features I loved the most about my PS4: you could play anywhere through remote play on the PS Vita and Android. So I could casually play some platformers or get some daily challenges for a game quickly, while my wife is watching TV, right next to her on the couch. And I could just press a button and stream my gameplay to Twitch, and clip a few videos that I thought were cool moments.

And all this is back on the PS5! But in 1080p60 instead of 720p60. Combine my Samsung S20 Ultra's glorious screen, with a Razer Kishi gamepad that claws around my phone and a PS5, and you get 1080p 60fps raytracing games on your phone! It's like having your own Stadia, but with less lag and with cheaper games!