CfgmgmtCamp 2024

CfgmgmtCamp 2024

First impressions of CfgmgtmCamp 2024.

I've been coming to this conference since 2014, and with the exception of the Corona years and the events not held in Gent but abroad, I've been to every one of them I think. In 2014 I was an intern and still studying, now I've got 10 years of DevOps experience in a few companies under my belt. Meanwhile the IT landscape has changed, back in 2014 Docker was this shiny new toy everyone was still experimenting with, now everyone is using it in production and beyond. The cloud was something only Google and the other big boys were doing, now everyone is doing it (be it hybrid, or full-on AWS or something else). Back then Configmanagement and DevOps were still pretty new, now even the biggest and slowest corporations (banks and telco's) are using it in some form. All of this to say that: in 2014 this conference was bleeding edge and daring. Now it's mainstream and boring and dare I say it: not relevant anymore. Configmanagement is a solved problem. Apart from the few talks about how we could leverage AI, I've learned nothing new the past 2 days...

So anyway, here are my notes from the past 2 days:

Day 1

Collaborative Intelligence - both AI and Humans in the loop

Patrick Dubois
Fun stuff with ChatGPT and other AI stuff!

Lightning Talks



  • Linux foundation, binary compatible with latest open source version of TF (1.6)
  • replace binary, alias!
  • client side state encryption first new fancy feature

Near Realtime Cloud Cost Monitoring - or why the internet is a terrible place to run a RCEaaS

Day 2


We Fear Change

  • play d&d with chatgpt, solo!
  • thougth leader?
  • tech is easy, people are hard (say: tech is hard, you'll get paid more)

Treat your platform as a product

  • Sit down with your developers regularly, treat them as users
  • productize, what do you want from our platform
  • prioritize features they want, etc


If Dev and Ops had a baby it would be called Winglang

  • devs too lazy to learn terraform

Pkl is a programming language for configuration

Let's Dive into Kubernetes operator creation

Unleashing Potential Across Teams: The Power of Infrastructure as Code

As a dev:

  • Shopping for templates
  • Dev environment

As a SRE:

  • Repeatable infrastructure
  • Incident recovery stuffs

We already do IaC, we might just want to make it more available to our 'users': the devs, so they can toy around with it more.