The Last Of Us - Part 2

I've played through TLOU2 4 times now: A first playthrough focusing on the narrative A new game plus playthrough focusing on some achievements (getting all the upgrades for weapons etc) and collectibles A third playthrough of some epic moments and completing the collectibles with the use of a guide (some really were hard to find) A fourth playthrough on permadeath mode (per chapter, I don't want to loose 30 hours of gameplay…) and have gotten killed by a fall, a dog and a stalker so far.

The Last Of Us

It's been a little over five minutes since the credits of ‘The Last of Us Remastered’ rolled over my screen. It's my second time completing this game, last time was about three years ago (thank you Kenny, for loaning me a copy). With The Last Of Us Part 2 coming out last Friday, I figured it's a great time to revisit the first part of this masterpiece/classic (at least according to the internet) before picking up my copy of Part 2.

Artifactory Caching

Quick write up of a custom solution I've been working on the past couple weeks to cache an Artifactory instance. The problem Artifactory is a big bulky Java application with a database that stores ‘artifacts’. It can store pretty much everything you throw at it: generic files, RPMs, PyPi packages, NPM packages, Helm charts, Docker images, … We have a pretty big Artifactory that serves a lot of these things, and it's hosted in the cloud.

Home working: how to stay sane and productive

Yes, you've probably read this before, but I'm still going to post it! Read this first: How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind That article perfectly describes everything I've learned (either the hard way, or by reading other articles) about my experiences while working from home. And I consider myself somewhat of a veteran: In 2019: I worked from home for 33 days (out the ~200 that I've worked) In 2020: I've already racked up 30 days as of writing this I work with a team of about 20 people, spread across 8 countries and 6 timezones.

Household Slack

Hi all, Been a while since my last post. It has also been a while since I did something interesting that was worhty of a blogpost. Bought a house last year, brought along with it a lot of stuff that needed to be done, a lot of to-do lists, a lot of sharing ideas for wall colors back and forth between me and my significant other. We used to use Facebook Messenger to talk to each other when not physically in the same room, but we don't like Mark anymore.

Getting DVDs with series into Plex

Hi all, I've got the DVD collection of Will & Grace, and I want to digitize them and import them into Plex so I can view them on the train (one episode a day, keeps the doctor away) while commuting to work. This is my workflow: Backing up all contents from the DVD to your disks Step 1 in my workflow is copying all the contents of the DVD disks to the HDD of my Linux server.

DockerCon EU 2017

October 16: Full day workshop Introduction to Docker for Enterprise Operations October 17: Day one Keynote What's New In Docker? Docker? But I'm a sysadmin! Cloud Native Storage Patterns Creating Effective Images Making Monitoring a Cloud Native Platform Feature October 18: Day two Keynote Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains Monitoring Containers: Follow the Data Run your Docker apps in Production on Google Cloud with Kubernetes Troubleshooting Tips from a Docker Support Engineer Kubernetes in Docker (known as Gordon's Secret Session) October 16: Full day workshop Introduction to Docker for Enterprise Operations Instructor: Bill Mills, Docker Duration: Full Day | 9:00 - 17:00 Experience Level: Working knowledge of Docker

SSL Passthrough with haproxy

Don't want to terminate your SSL connections on the haproxy server? Just do it like this! SSL terminations happen on the respective backend servers. Thanks to a cool feature called SNI frontend main *:443 mode tcp acl jenkins req.ssl_sni -i acl artifactory req.ssl_sni -i tcp-request inspect-delay 2s tcp-request content reject if !jenkins !artifactory use_backend jenkins_backend if jenkins use_backend artifactory_backend if artifactory backend jenkins_backend mode tcp server jenkins check backend artifactory_backend mode tcp server artifactory 10.

The 101Hero: Cheap 3D Printer

Preface After about half a year of waiting, thinking I was getting scammed and a missed mail in my spam folder I finally got a nice package in the mail: my 101Hero 3D Printer! Getting it up The printer comes semi-assembled. After putting it together, I noticed the wires were on the wrong side, so I had to take it apart again and start fresh: That's all for right now. Stay tuned for updates!

Kubernetes in 60 seconds

These are the notes for a little demo I gave to some collegues about Kubernetes: Useful links Getting Started with minikube/kubernetes Start minikube minikube start minikube status minikube dashboard Kubectl overview kubectl get nodes kubectl get pods Create first deployment kubectl run kubernetes-bootcamp – –port=8080 kubectl get pods kubectl get deployments Scale up deployment kubectl scale deployments/kubernetes-bootcamp –replicas=10 kubectl scale deployments/kubernetes-bootcamp –replicas=4 Expose to the outside world kubectl expose deployment kubernetes-bootcamp –type=LoadBalancer kubectl get services Tear it all down minikube destroy